• Policy

    Review Policy

    To ensure the excellence the publication of the article in Al-Jawahir is subjected to complete, thorough, comprehensive and confidential review. The review is made by independent and competent  scholars who give their recommendations on the article being presented for publication.

    Selection of Reviewers

    A careful selection of national and international reviewers is made keeping in view their area of research. To get an unbiased review, the names of reviewers are kept confidential. All works submitted for publication are reviewed objectively without regard to authors, race, gender, religious view, ethnicity, citizenship, political tendency, age and reputation.

    Ethical policy

    Approval of an article to be published in Al-Jawahir will be subjected to the following conditions:

    1- Article must not contribute to hate literature, extremism, sectarianism and anti-state views.

    2- Author is agreed on the content of the article and on its submission to the journal.

    3- The article, partially or completely, has not been published before, in  any language.

    4- An article submitted to Al-Jawahir for publication must not be submitted to another journal during the review process.

    5- If a draft submitted to Al-Jawahir includes figures, tables or long text blocks that have been published before, the author is responsible for obtaining permission from the copy right owners.

    6- All copyrighted elements should be specified appropriately  in the draft submitted to Al-Jawahir.

    Privacy Policy

    The information and opinions given by the reviewers during the review process are all kept confidential and are never used for the advantage of someone. The submission of an article, as a special presentation is kept confidential completely. Before the publication of an article, the reviewers and editor  cannot utilize the data, ideas, or subjects without permission of the author.

    Letter of Acceptance

    There is no policy to issue any type of letter. Whenever review process is completed, article will be published.